Welcome to the NEW Malone Show

Hi All and welcome to the relaunch of the The Malone Show. I have been quiet on it for sometime while I have been working hard to increase the profile of my AFL PodcastMolly’s Monday Machination.I hope to get going with the show again. Not sure what format it will take. What subject it will be and how long the shows will be. If I was to be pressed I would say it would be thoughts on Technology, hopefully demos and definitely stuff about how life.

The biggest thing the excites me about the new site is that it is based on WordPress and has added in Podpress. Podpress is a plug-in that allows you to run a podcast with WordPress and my favorite feature is that it supports audio comments in the comments section. This is a fantastic feature that I had been after for a while (Listen to Episode 11 (which is the last Episode in fact)). Please feel free to leave a comment (audio or other wise) and let me know what sort of stuff you want up on the site.


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