Episode 4 – The Video Edition – Cool Music Video producer – Muvee AutoProducer

Finally! Finally! Finally! I have the video uploaded (after much stuffing around with Our Media) and its ready to publish it.

I think its really cool. Not just that its of my kids. Not just because I am really liking the music of Brother Love (This track is Summertime). Its the Application that I used to make the Video that’s so cool!

Download the video here

(Note you will need the DivX Codec to watch, get it here)

The program is Muvee AutoProducer 4 and what it does is take Video and photo files and puts them together with Audio (normally music) to make a video. Sounds pretty tame right? Wrong. It uses styles to have the movie looking like anything from a Black And White Movie to a Modern High energy music Video. Not only this, it tries to match the cut aways and the video/photos to the style and pace of the music chosen.

I first came across the Technology in AutoSlide Show a program that I got with my Sony Digital camera. It just let you throw some videos, photos, a music file and one of about 8 styles and it would do all the work. This was pretty good but if you had stuff in your video (like lets its my Patrick playing in his cubby house and I have taken a video of the outside, you probably don’t want flashes of it in the music video) you didn’t want, there was nothing you could do.

Then I found Muvee (AutoSlide uses its engine) and found the full application has the ability to both tell the program to ignore certain sections of the movies and also highlight sections of the video to show as is. This is really powerful although the Application suggests not to over use the features as it takes away from what the engine does.

I hope you enjoy the movie and if you like what you see of movie, go pick up a copy here.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think,


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2 responses

  1. This looks like a nice editing program except that it’s only for windows XP,
    it has no special effects and it’s use is for music videos only.I spoke to the
    author of the software and he did say they were coming out with a windows 2000 version.

  2. Hey John,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes you are right about the video editing and it mainly being a music video type thing but man you got love the funtionality that it has in this area. The new version has some extra editing option including the ability to control effects better on photos (like pans and the likes).

    If you are looking at packaging up your movies and the audio isn’t important, this is way cool. If your looking at just editing you family videos or work or something, this aint for you.

    I recon this would be a pearla for indie music bands to create there own music videos! Get some one to record some shots of you playing, and instant music video!

    JMTC, thanks for visiting.

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