Wheres the video? Liberated Syndication offer for people donating to Katrina Appeal

Well I have been talking about this video for a while and yet it (and a latest show) haven’t turned up (sorry to 10 or so people (or Bots)) that are subscribed. I have been hosting my shows at Ourmedia (a free media hosting service) but am having all sorts of problems uploading my video file.
As soon as it works, I will have the show up. One alternative may be Liberated Syndication. They have podcast hosting and should cover my needs. They also have an offer for anyone donating $50 to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I might talk to the Wife about this option. Its a great cause and if your after a podcast hosting service, these guys could be for you! (note haven’t checked out there full service yet).
Happy Podcasting and #@$$ video uploading ;-),
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