Episode 1 of the Malone Show

Had problems with my iRiver recording from the External Mic source (if anyone has any hints about the Ext. Mic on a iRiver H320). Recorded this episode with the internal mic on the way home from work on a Friday night. So here is episode one! Needs to improve!

Show Notes (Total time 18:12) 00:00 Start of with intro 01:47 Talk about the family a little bit. Lidia (wife), Patrick(4y 8 m) and Alex (10m) 03:00 Patrick needs Tubes in his ears. 04:05 Scobelized and what Dell are doing with blogs and listening for the Conversation. Dell do have blogs (or Blog) 08:22 Linux show on TPN and The Podcast Network (TPN) mentioned (still in the context of Dell) 10:37 AFL Aussie Rules footy podcasts: footytalk.com.au and The AFL show on the TPN (as well as talking about The Podcast Network) 13:00 Footytalk.com.au review 15:30 Trying to park at the in-laws 15:45 Dustin Fletcher over rated 16:47 Cleaning up the Car 17:00 Finishing up- no extras this time. 17:38 Molly’s Podcast rule number 1: Never do a sole Podcast

(Sorry about the quality)

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